Custom Made Wooden Children/Grandchildren Sign for Parents/Grandparents

Custom Made Wooden Children/Grandchildren Sign for Parents/Grandparent


Show Off the Names of Every One of Your Precious Children/Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren on this Impeccable Custom Made Sign!  (Home truly is where the heart is)!  Grandparents/Parents Names will be written in the center of the House.  (You May Choose Last name of Family or Chosen Names, Such as Nana & Papa, etc...) They will be written with a white pen in Mono-line Calligraphy just as the "Blessed Beyond Measure" Sign.  Remaining hearts may include up to 9 Children/Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren's Names.  Additional Names are $3.00 each and will be written on Separate Hearts attached to the Bottom Hanging Hearts.  (Please calculate this and add to the tip at Checkout).  Sign Comes w/ Both a Metal & Jute Hanger for securing to wall.  (Wooden Sign will be rearranged in accordance w/ number of names)!  Msg me spellings of each of your Children/Grandchild & Your Chosen Mom & Dad/Grandpa & Grandma Names & if you have questions!  TOTALLY FREE SHIPPING!