Trash to Treasure

Carole McDuffee

Posted on March 20 2023

One of my favorite Dillard’s buys was this Gorgeous Shabby Chic top!  I threw it in my donation box to give away, but my stomach was actually churning.  I hated to part with it.  I mean, it’s all of my favorite colors.  Not only fun… but chalk full of bright and cheery awesomeness!  

I sized her up and decided I’d make a cover up!  I measured the neckline and grabbed my scissors… (I mean, what did I have to lose?  After all, I was gonna give it away)!  

I grabbed a measuring tape, found my center point on the neckline, marked a line with a ruler through the hem line and made a cut!  YIKES!  It was too late to turn back now! 

Then I grabbed a black lace trim I had on hand, cut two pieces for either side, pinned it to the sides and hands sewed it.  (I really just didn’t want to bother setting up my sewing machine… I can always go over it later with machine stitching).  

Boom!  I must say, I’m pretty stoked with the results!  Whatcha all think?   


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